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A Flavour of Omagh

Explore the thriving Market Town of Omagh taking in the independent food & drink scenes on foot. Whether you’re a visitor or resident, we’ll take you on a guided food & drink adventure to discover “A Flavour of Omagh”


A Flavour of Omagh is a food and drink experience that takes participants on a guided 3 hour tour of our superb bars and restaurants in the town.

Whether you’re a visitor to the area or resident of the town you will enjoy this food and drink adventure making regular stops to sip, taste and enjoy a real flavour of Omagh.

A little stroll here, a little taste there and a few sips along the way!

Participants must be over 18 years old Capacity: 16 people per tour



Wear comfortable footwear and clothing, an umbrella or rain garment is also recommended.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

If you have specific dietary requirements, it is essential that you let us know once you have purchased a ticket and received your confirmation email.

Does the tour include alcohol?

Yes, parts of the tour include local beverages and tasting sessions, so we recommend you park the car and /or have a designated driver or taxi organised. Alternatively, if you wish to stay in the area, contact me and I can help you find suitable accommodation.

Are there age restrictions?

All tickets purchased online must be for over 18 years and we reserve the right to request ID should our guide believe it to be necessary. Alcohol will not be served to anyone under 18 years of age.

Mysterious Tyrone with Foyle Trails

Folk Ways and Ritual Landscapes Our Hidden Heritage

Want to know how to keep your livestock healthy?  Learn plant lore? Or bury your leader?  The spirit world has the answers. So, join Martin Bradley on a visit to sites that were sacred in Bronze and Iron Age Ireland; to the tombs and standing stones,  the quaking bogs, the healing wells and other places of powerful magic.

Fairy trees, for instance. Usually whitethorns, their blossom heralds the arrival of summer and were celebrated at the Celtic festival of ‘Bealtaine’ or May Day. These trees were imbued with sacred significance and performed a central role in various rituals. Pilgrims would leave small offerings – a strip of cloth tied to a branch was a typical one – and make a wish. If you see a piece of ribbon on the tree Martin shows you, you’ll know that local people are still putting their faith in these trees.

You’ll visit sacred wells with Martin too. It was believed that drinking from them would protect you from harm and ill health. Some had the power to bestow wisdom and poetic inspiration. Such beliefs about Northern Ireland’s sacred wells have survived to the present day. They are places where the veil between our world and the other world is at its thinnest. You will learn, in fact, that at certain times of the Celtic year, the division between the two worlds disappears…

Martin will also tell you about bog bodies. These are human bodies which have been mummified by the habitats that they have lain in – sometimes for thousands of years. The ecology and chemistry found in Northern Ireland’s peat bogs provide a perfect medium for preservation, in effect pickling  human remains and other organic material for hundreds of generations.

The preservation of these bodies happened naturally. But the way in which these people met their death was not. Hearing Martin relate their stories – of deliberate injury and ritual human sacrifice –  may make you shiver, even on a hot summer’s day. Bog bodies like these provided Seamus Heaney with the subject for some of his most famous and imaginative poems. Just like this series of landscape experiences, they are sure to exert a powerful force on your own imagination too.

A 6 hour mini  bus/walking tour, with a one hour stop for lunch.  

Minimum 2 – Maximum 9 participants.    Groups of 4 or more please book 7 days in advance.

Please Note: These experiences require a moderate amount of walking across wet uneven terrain and the crossing of one stile.  Sturdy walking boots/outdoor clothing are essential as is a curious mind and a sense of fun.   Water proof boots can be supplied if you have not brought any with you.




NEW Sperrin Scenic Driving Route

The Sperrins – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – are Northern Ireland’s most extensive mountain range and can be explored via a series of scenic driving routes.

There are four scenic driving routes to choose from: North, Central, East and South. Each route represents an opportunity to become immersed in an environment millions of years in the making and steeped in myth and legend.

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Omagh and Sperrins Visitor Map

A map of Omagh and sperrins is available from link below:

Omagh and Sperrins Map

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