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Give yourself the precious gift of Mindfulness this Christmas. Add peace and meaning to the festive season.”Come away a moment dear friends! Come away from the lights, and the crowds, the shops, and the noise. Come away from the pressure and the worries and sit with me. Rest. Just for a moment. (excerpt from the meditation poem From the Edge of Waiting – Brother Richard).Join Stephen from Just be Mindful for a special morning of mindfulness meditation practice and contemplation. Slow down, let go of the hysteria and mindfully rest in awareness and stillness as we wait for and welcome the festive season.Guided practices will include:
sitting meditation – noticing the unsettled mind and gently ‘training’ it to settle and rest on the breath
compassionate body scan – deep relaxation practice for both the body and mind
mindful walking (outdoors in nature)
mindful eating – chocolate meditation
seasonal gratitude meditation
mindfulness of thoughts and feelings and how to calm themCOST: £15‘breathe….it’s Christmas!

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