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Mindfulness is a simple, effective and enjoyable way of taking some essential time out from the normal, but sometimes demanding, life we tend to live these days. It allows us to have a break from stress or focus on the important parts of our day and our life.

It involves learning to focus on the here and now – but without trying to change things or judge them.

The basic idea is to learn to stop trying to do several things at once and focus on just one thing. Think how often you are talking, eating, watching the TV, checking emails or texting all at once. We may not notice at the time but what this means is we miss some of the pleasure in these activities because we are not fully experiencing them. We are also expecting our mind to process all these actions and data. Most of us can’t do that very easily so we become tense and stressed. This speeding up means our heart rate increases, our breathing rate increases and we fire off stress hormones around our whole system. This can lead to problems sleeping, relaxing, high blood pressure and a general pressure on our body/mind.

Join Stephen from Just be Mindful for a morning of mindfulness practice – the perfect opportunity to slow down the busy mind and body. You will be invited to engage in several gentle, guided meditations and practises enabling you to fully experience the difference between Mind Full and Mindful!

COST: £15pp

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