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Valentine’s Day! The time of the year when we celebrate love. But if you were asked to list all the special people you dearly love where would YOU be ranked? Would you even consider adding yourself to the list? Yet the most important relationship any of us will ever have is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Being mindful enables us to lovingly nurture that relationship and fall in love again…with ourselves and with life! Being mindful of our own needs and skillfully responding to them with kindness and compassion is necessary for loving and meaningful relationships with others.

During this beautiful, healing workshop, you will be invited to discover and experience the transformative power of Mindfulness through various gentle guided meditations and practices, interspersed with soothing, inspirational poems/readings.

Rediscover how to fall in love with your one and precious life again.

An unforgettable date with yourself…and life!

Admission is via ticket only.

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