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Omagh Heritage Music Trail

The Omagh Heritage Music Trail is a self-guided walking trail of the sites of significance from the Showband era.

The Trail celebrates the town’s rich Showband history by highlighting where the rehearsal rooms, dance halls and ballrooms were located. Some of the physical places have long since gone but the memories of those heydays live on.

Walkers are invited to start their journey here at Strule Arts Centre to view the Showband Exhibition and follow the map around Omagh to find out more about the places and people of that very special time.


Glenpark Estate Walk

Estate Walks

Family – £10

Adults – £3.00

Over 65’s – £2.50

Children – £2.50

Open daily 8am – 8pm.

Access via reception in main building.

No booking required.

Dogs welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Please note that our open farm animals are housed indoors over the winter months.

An Creagán Boardwalk

This walk leads across the surface of a remnant raised bog area. Allowing access to the Local Nature Reserve without causing damage to the integrity of the habitat. Users can begin this walk from the Visitor Centre. This walk is for all the family.

Gortin Lakes Walk

This short off-road walk leads around Gortin Lakes with superb views of the Sperrins landscape. The path has recently been upgraded – the firm surface is of a good and consistent standard throughout the walk.

Start Point:H499842 Finish Point: H499842

From the car park, the walk around the two lakes is laid out in the formation of the figure eight and people can choose to walk in either direction. The gravel path around the lakes undulates gently offering the tranquillity of the still, deep water on one side and the natural habitat and vegetation on the other. The path is easily followed with a number of seating benches placed so walkers can take a rest and take in the majestic views.

0.6 miles

Gravel paths with some inclines

Point of interest:
The lakes and the landscape

Parking, picnic tables and toilets


Publication availability:

Nearest town:
Gortin or Omagh

OS map:
Sheet 13

Accessible toilet facilities:

Accessible terrain:
Level gravel surface with some inclines.

Cycle Sperrins

Cycle Sperrins offers guided cycle tours tracing the ancient routes of settlers back to the Bronze age in Ireland. Each route offers progressive distances and options to complete longer or shorter journeys, depending on your energy levels. Cycle Sperrins suggests great places to eat and overnight, nestled in the hearts of communities through the Sperrins Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Included on our guided tours are the National Geographic listed (Top 10 Drives in the World) Glenelly Valley, the iconic Beaghmore Stone circle, fishing rivers, foraging and local food producers, pre-Christian and Christian monuments and sites, friendly hostelries and pubs, camping locations and cyclists rests!

The location of Cycle Sperrins includes counties Derry and Tyrone and the moderate hills (max 350m) in the centre of historic Ulster. The area was settled from early Bronze age times and comprises an adventurous tour through a wide range of fascinating archaeological sites. Small and minor roads provide hundreds of kilometres of accessible road-way perfect for cycle touring, guaranteeing that your Cycle Sperrins experience is off the beaten track.

Tyrone Roots

As well as a family history research service, Vincent Brogan, specialist guide from Tyrone Roots offers the opportunity to discover the more hidden parts of our region, visiting places of local and historical interest including archaeological sites. Transport can be provided to major tourism destinations and an itinerary planned to suit your specific interests. Historical walking tours of Omagh town can also be provided.

Gortin Forest: Pollan Walk

This walk follows the same start as the Ladies View Trail but it offers a shorter alternative. There is a steep incline that follows the Pollan Burn as it weaves and cuts its way though the hillside. A charming waterfall offers walkers a welcome rest to appreciate the natural beauty of the glens.
*Forest Service NI charge may apply.*
❚ Contact:

❚ Nearest Town
Gortin / Omagh

❚ Points of Interest
Rich diversity of flora and
fauna, waterfall

❚ Distance
1.25 miles

❚ Route Shape

❚ Route Type
Forest, riverside

❚ Facilities
Parking, picnic tables
and toilets onsite.
Nearest amenities
Omagh or Gortin

Gortin Forest: Nature Trail

This short trail offers walkers the chance to sample the vast array of habitats that the Gortin Glens Forest has to offer. A short stroll past the stream, linking through a small section of forest leads out to a wide expanse of open bog with excellent sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. On the way back down through the forest, quiet and observant visitors may be lucky
enough to catch sight of the elusive red squirrels that are
resident within the trees.
*Forest Service NI charge may apply.* ❚ Contact:

❚ Nearest Town
Gortin / Omagh

❚ Points of Interest
Red squirrels, countryside

❚ Distance
1.25 miles

❚ Route Shape

❚ Route Type
Forest, hill

❚ Facilities
Parking, picnic tables and
toilets onsite. Nearest
amenities Omagh or

The Sperrin Sculpture Trail – a Giant Adventure

Nestled in the heart of Northern Ireland, the Sperrin Mountains offer nature lovers and adventure seekers an unforgettable experience.  And deep within this beautiful landscape, lie three gentle and majestic giants.

Together, the trio form the Sperrin Sculpture Trail, a new art installation created by world acclaimed artist, Thomas Dambo, to showcase the geology, archaeology and heritage of the Sperrins. The giants represents the past, present and future.

Visitors will use the stunning walking trails and dramatic driving and cycle routes to travel between the sculptures enabling them to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the Sperrins.

The Giants of the Sperrins Sculpture Trail is a hugely exciting and innovative tourism project created to showcase the epic stories associated with the Sperrins, the inspirational nature of the landscape and the giant spirit of its people. The trail consists of three distinct, innovative, and unique yet linked artworks by the internationally renowned artist Thomas Dambo.

Installed at three different locations all within the Sperrins region The Giants of the Sperrins are born from the geology, archaeology and heritage of the Sperrins. They evoke the mystical, and celebrate the ancient, intriguing and atmospheric natural beauty and history of the region. They embody past, present and future and speak specifically of their location:

  • Nowanois, the Seanchaí or storyteller recalls times and generations gone by;
  • Darach, the Guardian watches over the present;
  • Ceoldán The Stargazer looks to the future, and the unknown.

They call us to explore the story of the many generations that have helped shaped this magical landscape and to appreciate their rich and enduring culture; they call us into the landscape –  to notice, reflect, embrace and cherish this place…the Sperrins.

Where to find the Giants in the Sperrins?

Location 1: Nowanois: The Storytellers – Glenelly Valley near Cranagh

Address: 274 Glenelly Road, Omagh, BT79 8LS

Location 2: Darach: The Guardian – Mullaghcarn Mountain
Address: Gortin Glen Forest Park, Glen Park Road, Gortin, County Tyrone, BT79 7SU

Location 3: Ceoldán: The Stargazer – Davagh Forest
Address: OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory, Davagh Forest, 155 Davagh Road, Omagh BT79 8JQ

The imposing figures stand proudly in their kindred locations, celebrating their ancient past connections to the Sperrin landscape, and evoking thought and imagination in those who visit.

Find out more –

Thomas Dambo is one of the world’s leading recycle artists. In recent years he has become best known for his work on The Trail of a Thousand Trolls. It is a project that consists of more than 100 large, recycled wood sculptures featuring trolls of all shapes and sizes. The sculptures have been installed in 17 countries, from the USA and France to Chile and China. Find out more –>

Gortin Forest: Ladies View Trail

This a strenuous walk following the red trail from the Gortin Glens car park up to the summit of Mullaghcarn. Walkers will be rewarded with magnificent views over the surrounding countryside at the top. A quaint waterfall and the accompanying soundtrack of the quick flowing Pollan Burn running alongside the trail, make this an enjoyable walk that is worth the effort. *Forest Service NI charge may apply.* ❚ Contact:

❚ Points of Interest
Outstanding views,

❚ Location
Entrance located and
signposted from the Gortin
Road, approximately 6
miles from Omagh.

❚ Distance
2.25 miles

❚ Route Shape

❚ Route Type
Forest, hill

❚ Facilities
Parking, picnic tables and
toilets onsite. Nearest
amenities Omagh or

Bessy Bell Walk

Bessy Bell is a pleasant and interesting walk showcasing the beautiful and unique terrain of the Sperrins landscape. Starting at the Mellon Country Inn the track travels along the main road before turning uphill on a country lane. The linear track ascends the summit through a variety of tarmac, rough grassland and heather, where walkers will be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding area.

❚ Nearest Town
Omagh / Newtownstewart

❚ Points of Interest
Holy well, wind farm

❚ Distance
2.8 miles (one way)

❚ Route Shape

❚ Route Type
Road, gravel track and
open grassland

❚ Facilities
Facilities are available at
the Mellon Country Inn or
nearest towns in Omagh
or Newtownstewart

❚ Contact:

Off-Grid Adventures & Well-Being Omagh

Sign up and zone out of your hectic lifestyle for a while. Find your inner zen and peace with the experienced Donna who will take you on a subtle journey of the Gortin Lakes via Paddleboard Yoga. Call Donna for a bespoke experience of the lakes!

My business covers unique experiences to families, groups and individuals, ranging from kayaking coaching, paddleboard coaching,  paddleboard yoga, sound baths on the lake, group paddleboarding. Meditation classes, yoga, sound baths, and breathing work classes, reiki treatment. Basket weaving experience. If needing a massage after all this or to compliment any of the other things I offer deep tissue Massage, sports massage, pre event massages and Post event.

Sperrin Sculpture at Mullaghcarn

The Sperrin Sculpture Trail will consist of three innovative, unique yet linked artworks commissioned by an internationally renowned artist which will be installed at key locations within the Sperrins region. Visitors will use the stunning walking trails and dramatic driving and cycle routes to travel between the sculptures enabling them to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the Sperrins.

Although the sculptures will be considered tourist attractions individually, they are linked by one story so that when tourists visit one sculpture, they will be enticed to travel to the other sculptures to appreciate the complete story told by the sculptures. This will provide a structured trail which allows visitors to appreciate the stunning location of the Sperrins resulting in tourists extending their stay in the Sperrins region.

The locations are: Sperrin Heritage Centre in Cranagh, Mullaghcarn Mountain which is located on the edge of Gortin Glen Forest Park and Davagh Forest.

A Flavour of Omagh

Explore the thriving Market Town of Omagh taking in the independent food & drink scenes on foot. Whether you’re a visitor or resident, we’ll take you on a guided food & drink adventure to discover “A Flavour of Omagh”


A Flavour of Omagh is a food and drink experience that takes participants on a guided 3 hour tour of our superb bars and restaurants in the town.

Whether you’re a visitor to the area or resident of the town you will enjoy this food and drink adventure making regular stops to sip, taste and enjoy a real flavour of Omagh.

A little stroll here, a little taste there and a few sips along the way!

Participants must be over 18 years old Capacity: 16 people per tour


Wear comfortable footwear and clothing, an umbrella or rain garment is also recommended.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

If you have specific dietary requirements, it is essential that you let us know once you have purchased a ticket and received your confirmation email.

Does the tour include alcohol?

Yes, parts of the tour include local beverages and tasting sessions, so we recommend you park the car and /or have a designated driver or taxi organised. Alternatively, if you wish to stay in the area, contact me and I can help you find suitable accommodation.

Are there age restrictions?

All tickets purchased online must be for over 18 years and we reserve the right to request ID should our guide believe it to be necessary. Alcohol will not be served to anyone under 18 years of age.

For more info, check out –

Mysterious Tyrone with Foyle Trails

Folk Ways and Ritual Landscapes Our Hidden Heritage


Discover the Ritual Landscapes and Ancient Habitats of the Omagh Sperrins.

Join Martin the owner and guide with Foyle Trails who provides fascinating guided walking tours in Omagh`s Sperrin uplands.  Martin has been exploring this region for decades and it is his passion to tell the hidden stories of this region`s many fascinating landscapes, ancient archaeological sites, and mysterious habitats.

On a tour with Martin, visitors always explore authentic “off the beaten track” locations where much of the ritual significance of these locations has survived into the 21st Century.



NEW Sperrin Scenic Driving Route

The Sperrins – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – are Northern Ireland’s most extensive mountain range and can be explored via a series of scenic driving routes.

There are four scenic driving routes to choose from: North, Central, East and South. Each route represents an opportunity to become immersed in an environment millions of years in the making and steeped in myth and legend.

Download PDF

ReelDeal Fly Fishing


Co Tyrone

Tel: 0796 874 0312



Omagh and Sperrins Visitor Map

A map of Omagh and sperrins is available from link below:

Omagh and Sperrins Map

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